Style is as much an aspect of fashion as it is an aspect of perception. If something looks good to you, wear it. It doesn’t matter what the next person thinks. As long as you like it, go for it.  Located in the heart of historic downtown Wilmington, Coastal Kicks is Wilmington’s premier footwear and apparel boutique.  We cater to the people that know the release dates of shoes months before they come out. The people who understand that no matter what clothes you have on, if you’re shoes aren’t right, you’re not right. The people that know there’s not much quite like having an exclusive pair of shoes. The people who view shoes as more than just protection for their feet, but as an outward expression of their own individuality. We cater to the sneakerheads because we ourselves are sneakerheads.

Created to blur the lines between the skateboard, sports, and sneakerhead subcultures, the ambiance of this unique boutique is unlike anything the area has seen before. We are not your traditional small shoe store. We refuse to ever be associated with the word ” ordinary”  We don’t carry the same generic shoes that everybody else has. If anybody else has it we don’t want it. We only carry the limited, hard-to-find shoes that the more traditional inline stores don’t get.

We sell clothing and accessories to compliment the footwear, and we bring the same exclusivity with the clothing as we do with the shoes. We are constantly evolving. Bringing in  new brands and saying goodbye to the old brands when everyone else catches up.

Coastal Kicks began as simply an idea in early 2012. We’ve experienced more than enough trials and tribulations in our brief time, but we’ve also experienced more triumphs and blessings than alot of people have in a lifetime. We’re not corporate people making decisions based on the bottom line. We’re sneakerheads simply trying to share our culture to the community.

Come by sometime. Check us out. Tell us what you think. Try on some shoes. We’re convinced you’ll see something in the store that you’ve never seen before.